Shooting in Soccer: How to Perfect Your Technique


In soccer, no skill is more important than another, at least in the eyes of a coach. But there's no question that fans love the ability to score goals. In many cases, this ability is instinctive. But to perfect it, you have to invest hours in the training field and tools like The SoccerTee can help you work on your shooting technique.


General tips for shooting in soccer

To help you hone your shooting skills, we've put together a list of tips with tools to improve your shooting in soccer:


Work the power

There will be times when the ability is the best course of action. But when in suspense, be sure to hit the ball hard and powerfully. Power often leaves the goalkeeper helpless, even if the aim is slightly off. Work to connect with the ball in the right way and improve the power of your shots. If you choose a Soccer tee shooting aid like a striker or mini kicker for good technique is often more important than a strong kick.


Practice on one

On the training ground, goals are easy to score when only the goalkeeper stands between you and the glory. But on the battlefield, nerves and indecision creep inAny striker will tell you that an excellent one-on-one resolution is crucial to a successful career, so you must work tirelessly on yours. Practice with a soccer tee kit (Banger, striker. Mini kicker) every day in training. Ideally, the sliding of the ball in front of the goalkeeper is instinctive.


Watch football

Make sure you are watching a lot of professional football. Watch especially the forwards. Watch how they move, how they get to goal positions, and how they hit the ball. If you have a favorite striker, study him at every opportunity. And if necessary, copy your style of play.


Practice precision

Hit the ball with force and precision, and you will score nine times out of ten. Of course, this lightly said than done, but working on efficiency will help you achieve great things. You can do it on the training ground with a soccer tee tools kit (Banger, striker, mini kicker). Our quality products give accurate and right-shooting, moving the goal post and goal net. This can be attached to any set of standard goalposts. You'll have at least two relatively small and clearly defined targets to aim for, helping you set your accuracy over time. An objective sheet blocks the entire goal except for a small area in each corner.


Look for restlessness

Never get comfortable with a particular exercise or throw distance. Once you've mastered something, find something else that will stretch your skills and continue your learning. Practice makes a master. Use soccer tee products to improve skills better and better.


Characteristics of a good shooting technique

Every time you're on the training ground, think about the following characteristics of shooting technique in soccer. If you can learn them all, you will see that your skill increases exponentially over time.


One foot firmly planted.

Try to plant your standing foot about 50 centimeters from the ball. Grip your foot flat on the ground, and bend your knee as you lower your striking foot. A firm planted foot is crucial for shooting in soccer.


A flexible framework

In most cases, you will have to use your entire body to make a fatal shot. You use not only both legs but also your arms and upper body for stability. This requires a level of power and flexibility, which you can update over time with various strength items and conditioning equipment.


The correct body position

For a powerful and accurate shot, you will have to put your body on the ball. You will usually need to lean back and use your arms for balance for a smooth shot with spin.




Tracking is crucial for all types of shots in soccer. Instead of trying to hit the ball, you should hit it "through" it. The hitting motion should continue after the ball has been shot to ensure a smooth and controlled hit. Great tracking techniques with the help of a soccer tee mini kicker can also improve your shooting accuracy.


You may be getting the best possible training, but if you don't put in hours in boot camp, it could all be for naught. Practice… practice … practice. It is perfect!


Typical mistakes when hitting with the instep

The most common mistakes when hitting badly with the instep are the following:

  1. Spread the support foot wide, either laterally, forwards, or backwards. It must be at the proper distance.
  2. Do not run the race from the front.
  3. Failure to lean the body forward correctly. That is, towards the ball.
  4. Do not strain and block the foot when shooting.




In conclusion, we can say that these shots are the ideal ones to give power to your shots that you will use, especially in medium and long-distance shots, to provide speed to the ball in its movements.

You must train your gestures very well and be patient. If you don't have a goal for training, we recommend practicing with Soccer tee products your hitting with all surfaces on a wall every day.

Remember that it is more important to have an excellent striking technique than muscular legs to shoot hard. Everything is better complemented but prioritizes your training with the ball.


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