Our Story

How We Got Started

A Father’s need, a solution created.The idea for SoccerTee started after my daughters signed on with youth soccer teams. Kate, Sofia, and their teammates ran around that field with dedication, toe-kicking the ball and miss-kicking time and time again in their enthusiasm to pass or score. For the next 5 years, I constantly heard the coaches yell, “Don’t kick with your toes, kick with your laces!” My daughters wanted to learn this “lace kick,” but the coaches didn’t have time for one-on-one training during practice – and I couldn’t afford private lessons.

That’s when it began. I said to myself “we need to elevate this soccer ball.” I headed to the garage, scooped up some PVC pipes and rubber, and created the very first SoccerTee. We began learning the “lace kick” together in the backyard, and their kicks on the field became more consistent and more powerful!

Helping Coaches, Parents, and Players Work Together

Today, we are in full-fledge production and shipping to meet the demand for the SoccerTee. Coaches and parents now have a tool that makes teaching the “lace kick” faster and easier, and kids have a way to practice it in their backyards. We also offer a patented training process that can be executed by coaches on the practice field and by parents at home. We offer a matrix to the training process that helps coaches and parents help their child enjoy practice and play rather than demand perfection. This process alone has proven to keep kids excited about the sport and eager to develop their skills.