byRobert Hutton,
Svenja O'Donnell
and Thomas Penny



In a recent article on SoccerNation called, An Ocean Will Drown a Seed, there were points made that greatly align with our SoccerTee values.

In this article, the author discusses how we as coaches cannot overwhelm our players with “oceans” of information for then we are just setting them up for more stress, anxiety, confusion, pressure, and failure. The idea is to take things one step at a time and slowly grow on each bit of information we teach our players. When we teach them one skill and then continue to grow on top of that, then you are letting them master one thing at a time and not forcing them to become an expert all at once.

The area that we believe us as coaches and parents struggle with the most is that we have all this built-up knowledge that we so desperately want to share to these eager players so we want to give them all of it at once because we are excited. But we must remember that in doing so that is not helping these players, but really hurting them in the long run.

When the SoccerTee was created, it was created out of frustration and the exhaustion of failure. So the SoccerTee was created to not only be a great teaching tool, but to teach players, coaches, and parents how to break down the basics of a lace kick. We here at SoccerTee never want players, coaches, or parents to feel overwhelmed with information, frustrated with constant failure in the learning process, or the stress or having to learn a whole concept in one motion.

Referring to the article on SoccerNation, the author gives us great bullet points that line up very well to our SoccerTee values.

  • Pick one topic per session

When working with The SoccerTee and especially young kids, it is very important to focus on specific ideas each practice or session. The SoccerTee was created to be a repetitive tool, because the more you repeat it then the muscle memory you are creating that will last a lifetime.

  • Pick one “goal” each practice or session

With working with kids you learn that they love games and to know they accomplished something. One thing that we would encourage you to do at the beginning of each session would to be create one realistic goal and work hard to help them achieve that during your time together. And then the next time you can have another different realistic goal, and slowly you are putting these successful goals together and they create the final goal you were aiming for.

  • Treat a training session or practice like a season in a classroom

This is exactly what SoccerTee wants. We want our product to build on itself. It is a tree-step system, and when you master the first step, then the second step builds on that. Once you have master the SoccerTee then you move into a game type situation and build on the techniques you have learned from the basics.

This idea of saying things then pausing and letting the players figure it out for themselves is exactly what our desire is. We hope that our teaching tool will create the basic knowledge players need, and then they can fill in the blanks when it comes to a real situation. To help kids learn you have to let them use their brain and possible let them mess up or get it wrong for then we can step in with corrective criticism.

When finding the best way to coach any player is a system or trial and error since no two kids are the same nor do they learn the exact same way. Also, do not be afraid to take things slow, because good things come in time.

Take it slow.

Work hard.

Set goals.

One step at a time.

We cannot wait to see your players excel in the sport they love.


The SoccerTee Team

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