byRobert Hutton,
Svenja O'Donnell
and Thomas Penny

One of the most important soccer skill


Why players at a young age should learn these important skills that will shape the way they play the game for the rest of their lives.

We support Kevin Duy’s article on“The Most Important Soccer Skill for Kids to Develop.”

Duy makes the claim that by teaching the skill of kicking the ball with both feet to young players there will then be a less likely chance for them to develop a strong foot. This in turn provides a young soccer player the ability to use both feet equally whether it be for shooting or passing. Duy then goes on to say, and SoccerTee agrees with this, that he cannot count the number of times he has seen kids with a wide open shot miss the chance to score, because the ball came to their weak side and they were forced to take the shot with their weaker foot.

We also agree with Duy, that the time window to introduce the training of to kick with both feet needs to be early in the first few years playing. It is the same with other sports like baseball. If you want your kid to be skilled in hitting from both sides of the plate, both left and right handed, you must start practicing and begin the muscle memory process as young as 4, 5 and 6 years old.

The only part of the article we believe is a lot easier said than done is the suggested training which is why you don’t see kids kicking equally with both feet very often.

Duy mentions the training is easy but it takes a lot of repetition and this is where we believe we lose so many young soccer players. At a young age when something takes a lot of repetition, time, and is not very fun you can quickly see the eyes of the child glaze over and that is when we lose them.

And this is where we have found a solution that can help this problem. Enter the SoccerTee. Take Duy’s strategy of kicking the ball equally with both feet but now use the SoccerTee. You can elevate the ball withmulti-height adjustmentswhich allows for the ball to be airborne quicker. The quick success and parent approval will create a fun and encouraging environment for even the young soccer player, and will develop a want in them to continue kicking with both feet. This is where you get the repetition followed by the skill of equally kicking with both feet.

If you don’t believe us, then think of this for a moment. In baseball, take away the baseball tee from a 5-year-old tee ball player learning to hit a baseball for the first time. Will removing the baseball tee help or hinder the young player’s time to develop the proper form and mechanics to hit the baseball?

I think most would agree taking the baseball tee away would hinder the time-frame or chance to learn the proper technique.

Both feet equally skilled? – great strategy! Let’s work together to support more youth soccer players in learning the strategy of Mr. Duy, but let’s get there faster with more of the repetition and way more of the fun.

The SoccerTee Team!

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